Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My First Boyfriend

Family Vacations

I love my family. We do the best stuff. If I had to pick the most memorable family vacation Iwould have to say that it was the time we went to Denver. We stayed with one of our friends that lived there. We visited just about anything there is to visit. We went to a baseball game. On our way up Pike's Peek we got pulled over for exceeding the speed limit. My dad got sick because he was terrified to come down. There is absolutly no railing or anything to keep you from falling off the cliff. We also visited this place with rocks. I cannot remember the name of it. Anyway, we just had fun getting away as a family. We never had a bad moment. Also hanging out with other people you know and love made it so much better. I remember that on the way to Denver my dad had put a tv in the car so my brother and I could watch movies, and of all movies to choose from we picked ET. I loved that movie. When I look back I don't know why in the world why I would have but it was just something I liked. It was kind of hard to choose what vacation to choose, because I don't think I have been on a vacation that I haven't enjoyed. I love my family and we always got along. I am very blessed.

The Consequences of Lying

Lying does have consequences, but funny memories can come from it. There was a night before my friends and I had drivers licenses, and we decided to sneak out of the house at 1 in the morning and walk a friend home. While we were walking him home, many things happened. My mom kept calling me, which scared us. The police saw us walking and asked us what we were doing and we had to explain. We saw someone scary and had to run away. On our way back someone called the cops on us. They came looking for us again. We made it back to the house okay, but Olivia's little sister Maddie told on us and Olivia's mom called all of our parents and took us home at 3. I wasn't aloud to hang out with anyone for a while. That is probably the most trouble I have ever been. They were happy we were okay, they just wanted to make sure that we understood that 12 and 13 year old kids should not be roaming the streets at night. Now that I look back at it, the police should not have let us walk alone. They should have taken us home. They weren't thinking of our safety. But like I said, some of the worst things you do can leave you with the best memories.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Hero

Roena Earles, my hero. She has been with me for 16 years and will be with me forever. She passed away on October 14, 2009, the day my world came crashing down. She was my best friend and a teacher. She was just an amazing person in general. She loved everyone unconditionally, and she made an impact on every life she came into contact with. Roena was my mamaw, the only one I have never known. She experienced many dangerous situations with her now deceased husband, Bill, which brings me to the most admiring thing about her. My mamaw looked past the ugly things in every single person, and saw the beautiful. Every human being was beautiful in her eyes. I hope to one day have as much passion about everything as her. On another note, she was also a teacher. She taught me to work hard, never give up, and strive for what you want. A famous quote of hers has made me realize that these days you honestly can't achieve anything without college. She was so funny. Even in her last week of living she could make me laugh. She had a sense of humor that just came out, she didn't have to try. All these qualities about her have made me admire her so much. She has made a tremendous impact on me and will always be in my heart forever.